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About Us

Good Health & High Technology

NORMMED Medikal transferred its almost 20-year experience in the sector to production in 2011 and it set up a modern and technology-based factory in Ankara İvedik Organized Industrial zone to start production. It utilized its market experience and sector knowledge in the field of production and took advantage of its production capability for new designs through world standard factory organization. It established its equipment park by realizing future oriented planning in its factory infrastructure.

Aware of the responsibility for human health, it has a production approach without compromising from quality and inspection and it aims to become a worldwide known company with recognized products and brand with its experienced staff, strong capital structure supporting our trust to our work, knowledge and machine technologies that we attempt to continuously improve.

Our company is the only manufacturer of Silver Coated Spinal Implant System in Turkey and it conducts all production processes by focusing on quality while we intend to use advance technologies and to introduce quality products to the sector through a creative, innovative and dynamic organization structure so that we can become a company that is a top choice in national and international markets. We have a customer oriented, strategic and systematic management approach and understand that patient satisfaction is an inevitable asset while we carry out the production of the following products :

  • Spine System
  • Trauma Systems
  • Arthroscopy System
  • Arthroplasty System

manufactures all implants and auxiliary materials in its product groups. In addition, surgical sets that are required in implanting the products in all production groups are our own design and production.